Time: Sunday, April 17 · 11:00am – 6:00pm
Location: 50 South Center Street Unit 6, Orange, NJ 07050

Scooters Originali is hosting another scooter swap meet on Sunday April 17th at 11am, at our shop at 50 South Center Street, Unit 6, Orange NJ 07050, from 11am till whenever.

Bring all those parts you’ve had hanging around in your garage for ever, and swap them with other people, or sell them to get the money you need for new parts. Nothing to sell or swap? No problem. Just come and browse what other people have to sell.

There’ll be rare vintage Vespa and Lambretta parts, accessories and even a few modern Vespa bits and pieces, all being sold at unbelievably low prices. We need space and we need to clear the shelves off! This year we’d like to free up lots more shelf space. No reasonable offer will be refused.

If you’re bringing parts to sell, just bring a blanket to throw all your parts on, as tables will be in short supply.

This year we’ll be pulling more stuff of the shelves, so you won’t have to go look for parts yourself, plus we’ll have the free box and the $1 box for you to rummage through too. Yeah, we know lots of you didn’t realise you could go rummage through the used parts shelves yourself last year. That’s why we’re pulling more parts out for you.

Bad weather date will be announced, if necessary.

Need more detail? Call us on 973 672 6600 or e-mail sales@scootersoriginali.com