Yep, you read that right: We’re chucking life in the big city for some country livin’.

As of Dec. 1, Scooters Originali will be located at 924 Marcon Blvd, Suite 105, Allentown, PA 18109.  You’ll still be able to find us at, and call us at 973-672-6600.

And we couldn’t be happier, because our new location offers 25 percent more space — and that means big things for our customers:

  • A 50 percent larger workshop space so that Gene can devote even more attention to our meticulous, museum-quality scooter restorations.
  • Greatly expanded parts storage to accommodate an even larger inventory for our online parts customers. Now, more than ever, Scooters Originali will have you covered.
  • Closer proximity to high-quality partners for services such as media blasting, powder coating and paint.
  • Absolutely amazing roads for scooter riding! We admit it: This move is partially selfish, because our new shop sits smack dab in the middle of some of the best twisties and scenic riding a vintage scooterist could ask for. Can you say, “lunch ride?” We sure can!

Moving Sale and Open House!

You’ll hardly notice our move. We’ll be closed Thanksgiving, Nov. 22 through Nov. 30, with our grand reopening happening on Dec. 1. You feast on turkey safe in the knowledge that our staff will be hard at work making the best scooter shop in America even better — and you can get in on some amazing deals in the meantime:

  • We’re hosting a 20 percent off everything moving sale, which will run through Nov. 21. The less we have to box up, the better!
  • Then, on Dec. 1, starting at 12 noon Eastern Time, we’ll unlock the doors on our new digs to host an open house. Customers visiting our new location can browse all the shelves of used parts, shop from bargain bins of parts at knocked-down prices, and enjoy special offers on new parts. Did we mention that we’ll have free coffee and snacks? Now that’s some country-style hospitality!

More space, better resources, a holiday move, massive before- and after-moving sales, and open house, plus the opportunity to hear Andrea say things like, “y’all” in a lilting English accent? This move to the country looks to be as purdy as possum pie!